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Always at saturday and during the sesshins we are practicing while eating the oryoki.

SANGHA means the community of all the practicioners and beyond.

The tempel is open for everybody who wants to practice Zen in its multidimensionality independent of origin, confession, age, sex, race or nationality. Zen mind is beginners mind! Everytime is the first time - no reharcel, no repetition! The Sangha exists in changing constitution since june 6th, 1993. We begann meeting in the Aikido Kyudo Dojo in Bern. In 1996, when we started to practice together with Nishiyama Roshi, we rented our first place for the practice of Zazen. At the present place we are since 2003. Since then we use Zenposan Bendoji as Name for our place of practice. The name was given by Nishiyama Kosen Roshi. Zenposan stands for the Sangha and Bendoji means "temple where we strive for the truth. We still also use oure previous name Zen Dojo Bern.

We practice in the style we learned from Nishiyama roshi. Some would say the way of our practice is very traditional japanese. Our attitude of performing is, that we are not trying to do it the same way and that we are also not trying to do things differently. We never were looking in the Zenposan Bendoji for a europeen way of sotozen. We just practice and vow " Homon muryo seigangaku ". Do not refuse do not hold back! is the basic attitude we try to practice, we try to practice continously and ceaslessly at Zenposan Bendoji.

The Zenposan Bendoji has the atmosphere of a temple built into the rock. We sit below the surface or the earth. This place enforces us to practice down to earth. It makes us actualize the vow of Jizo Bosatsu. The walls are clothed with yellow clay, the floor is coverd with tatami. The smell of incensce, the sound of bells, mokugyo, drum and shakuhachi. According to Dogen Zenjis last poem: Let us cast off all attachments, while still alive, pluging into the yellow springs! Let us leap beyond and shatter every barrier! Let us follow the way of heaven!

The practice at Bendonji consits of Zazen (bendoho), recitation of Sutras, Suizen (play the bambooflut), sewing the kesa and Samu. See NEUES



Who is practicing at the Zenposan Bendoji and if it is only once he/she will take very naturaly refuge to the three treasures Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

Refuge means we take for the moment of the practice Buddha as our teacher and the Dharma as the teaching of the moment and respect all the practitioners without paying attention to there origin etc..

All those who are saying they would practice Zazen take refuge to Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.  

Zen, Zazen without taking refuge to the three treasures is no zen, no Zazen.

Deeply considre the meaning of the exspression; Zen is Zen when Zen is not Zen! Zen is always different!

tuesday zazen 19:00 - 21:00
wedensday zazen 06:00 - 07:45
thursday zazen 19:00 - 21:00
friday zazen 06:00 - 07:45

Zazen starts punctual at the indicated time. Please be 15 min. before it starts here.

We are sitting about 40 min., are walking 10 min (Kinhin) and are again sitting 40 min.. We will finish with recitation of Sutras (about 20 min.).

Do you not yet have the experience of meditation, please fix a date for getting an introduction. Send an e-mail to:

helmhogen@gmail.com or call 0041 (0)79 436 04 99

Be clothed dark and comfortable. Cushions for meditation are supplied by the temple.

The contribution per Zazen is sFr. 10.--.

This is only a minimum for ceeping things running and for indicating some direction. The roules actualy are given in Shobogenzo Shishobo, the four kinds of action of a Bodhisattva. In this case fuse means suitable and free giving as part of practice.

Once a week we meet for Suizen (Bambooflute). Regularly every 3 weeks Ueli Derendinger is giving lessons at the Zenposan Bendoji.

About seven times per year there are Sesshin taking place (Periods of training of 2 up to 8 days). Precepts for a lay-practicioners, for nuns and monks are given when practice is done on a regular base at Zenposan Bendoji. The Ordination takes place only during the 8-days-Sesshin.

For sesshins we ask you to pay separatly. To sleep in the temple is free for practicioners. (Sleepingbag and so on is to bring with you).

The following Sesshin are taking place.



You will get to us, with bus no.11 from Bern mainstation in the direction of Neufeld. At the busstop Engeried you get off. Then you will walke in the direction the bus continous to drive. After 3 minutes you turn left in to the Hochfeldstrasse.

With the car you leave the motorway at Neufeld, continuing in the direction to the city centre and turn right after about 200 meters form the Neubrückstrasse in to the Hochfeldstrasse. maps you'll find in the internet.

How to find us: Probably you can find on this Site pictures of which we couldn't find out the origine and on which someone might claim the copyright. In the case, please contact us for finding a solution.

Thous who want to see the the original Koi of our Site is invited to visite the museum of history in Bern http://www.bhm.ch/ whom we thank for the permission.



























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